Funding priorities

Chimo support charities which use social interventions to support young people suffering from poor mental health

Our aim is to provide sustainable funding to a select portfolio of charities which have the vision and capability to expand their reach.

We want to help our charities develop their programmes, evidence their impact and support more young people.

We will specifically work with charities:

  • which combine the arts, nature or sport with psychological and emotional support as a way of connecting with and supporting young people experiencing mental health challenges; 

  • who can show the statistical evidence and impact of their interventions;

  • who have the ambition, capability and vision to expand the reach of their activities either in the area they already operate or to other parts of the UK; 

  • that have diversified funding streams, including preferably statutory funding, to ensure their long-term business model is both sustainable and scalable;

  • which have annual income in excess of £200k but less than £2m in their social prescribing activities so our grants can have a meaningful impact on each charity’s work.


Chimo is focused on funding social interventions using the arts, sport or nature, combined with psychological and emotional support to connect with young people struggling with their mental health

The trustees will actively seek out charities to apply for funding and will not accept unsolicited applications. Applicants will be invited to apply and required to fill in an application form.

The trustees will only accept applications from UK registered charities or organisations with a charitable objective (eg Community Interest Companies - CICs). 

Grants will only be made after a visit from a Chimo trustee. 

We do not fund pure talking therapy sessions nor fund organisations whose primary activity is general youth work. 

We aim to have annual funding rounds of up to £1m. Funding will intiitally be provided over a 3 year period with a maximum grant size per charity of £100k.

The annual amount of a grant awarded to an individual charity will be limited to 10% of the charity’s annual income.  

Grant sizes and timescales may vary as agreed by the trustees.

Chimo’s long-term aim is to provide sustainable funding to a select group of charities which have the vision and capability to expand their reach so they can plan with confidence. Grant recipients are subject to ongoing monitoring and review.

Our hope is that the size of annual grants will grow as Chimo raises external funds.

The trustees reserve the right to make exceptions to these general terms to fund larger or smaller organisations doing wonderful work for young people experiencing mental health challenges.

charity partners

We made our first grants to 9 organisations at the beginning of 2023. We are now on the look out for other charities to be part of our next grant giving round in early 2024.