CharitY partners

Our aim is to provide sustainable funding to a select portfolio of charities to enable them to do more.

The social prescribing sector for young people’s mental health is immature and fragmented. We want our funding to play a role in helping the sector develop and catalyse the emergence of sector champions. To do this, we encourage our partner charities to collaborate and share best practice.

In our first funding round in early 2023, we met with over 50 charities and selected 9 to partner with: The Wave Project, The Music Works, Comics Youth, Grow, Strength and Learning Through Horses, Odd Arts, Core Arts, Empire Fighting Chance and Dose of Nature.

Using their own unique approaches, our selected charities blend the therapeutic power of the arts, nature and sport with psychological and emotional support from coaches, mentors, therapists, psychologists and/or peers to help young people struggling with their mental health. 

Our charity partners support thousands of young people from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of mental health issues. In 2022, they supported 6,165 young people with an average of 40 hours of contact each. 

Our objective is to provide sufficient funding for our charities to support an extra 20,000 young people over the next decade. 
Our charities get referrals from a wide range of statutory services, including CAMHS, GPs, councils, schools, the police and social services. We believe this underscores how much their services are valued by local professionals.

All our charities report significant improvements in the mental health of their participants but the way they measure their impact is inconsistent. We are working with our charities to collate consistent, quantitative data to evidence the impact of their interventions.

Most mental wellbeing measures focus on improvement in wellbeing at the beginning and end of a period of intervention. The data is interesting to a point but fails to capture the wider benefits of their social interventions.

Young people who participate in our charities’ programmes not only report improvements in their mental health but also positive, sustained changes in their lives including returning to education, starting or returning to work or volunteering, joining community groups, discovering new interests and adopting healthier lifestyles.

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