The Music Works

  • The Music Works are a Gloucestershire based charity whose mission is to transform young people’s lives through music

  • Evidence suggest music therapy can help with management of mood disturbances and is a useful adjunct to relieve depression and anxiety

  • TMW provides YP with the opportunity to respond to challenges they are facing through music

  • ‘Key Changes’ help YP discover their musical potential, build confidence and explore the difference music can make in their lives

  • ‘Transitions’ are small group sessions designed to build self-confidence and self-esteem through making music and songwriting

  • TMW want the efficacy of arts on prescription to be understood, integrated into social prescribing frameworks and paid for by NHS

  • Developing a referral programme for YP with mental health challenges that is fully integrated into Glouc’s NHS social prescribing framework

  • Chimo is funding the referral programme for 11-16 year olds in conjunction with Prudence Trust’s funding of 16-25 yr old