The Music Works

  • The Music Works are a Gloucestershire based charity whose mission is to transform young people’s lives through music.

  • Evidence suggest music therapy can help with management of mood disturbances and is a useful adjunct to relieve depression and anxiety.

  • The Music Works provides young people with the opportunity to respond to challenges they are facing through music.

  • Through their Key Changes programme, they offer a 10-week programme of 1-1 or small group music session to young people with anxiety or depression helping them to discover their music potential, build confidence, connect with others and explore the difference music can make in their lives.

  • Their Transitions programme works with young people who find moving from primary to secondary school challenging through small group sessions designed to build self-confidence and self-esteem through making music and songwriting.

  • The Music Works want the efficacy of arts on prescription to be understood, integrated into social prescribing frameworks and paid for by NHS.

  • As part of this, alongside Prudence Trust, Chimo is co-funding a study to test a new community-based referral programme for 11-25 year olds, struggling with their mental health, that is fully integrated into Gloucestershire’s NHS social prescribing framework and children’s mental health pathway.

  • The objective is to improve young people’s mental health and wellbeing, increase the number of young people referred to the service, increase awareness of and access to music coping strategies and increase the confidence of social prescribers in the impact of creative arts prescription.