Empire Fighting Chance

  • Empire Fighting Chance uses the power of boxing to fight for young people to live healthy, happy lives.

  • From its origins in Bristol, it has methodically developed an approach that seamlessly combines non-contact boxing with psychology to help young people, many of whom struggle with their mental health.

  • Box Champions is their flagship 20-week programme combining boxing with mentoring.

  • Box Therapy combines boxing with a therapeutic intervention delivered by a trained therapist.

  • Box Careers is boxing combined with mentoring, careers support and progression opportunities.

  • Two years ago, it took the decision to scale its impact by training and supporting other boxing clubs around the UK to deliver its Box Champions programme to deliver Empire’s programme to their communities.

  • There are now 27 clubs in the network supporting nearly 8,000 young people per year.

  • In 2024, it aims to strengthen its movement by partnering with a further 10 boxing clubs and improving their support. Priorities include supporting partners to become better at measuring impact and developing a library of videos to share Empire’s psychological principles for healthy living.

  • Chimo has helped this national roll-out by funding the Director of Methodology and Programming.

Visit: www.empirefightingchance.org

The transformation in our daughter has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her confidence has grown to the point where she came out and discussed the very issue at the heart of the problem, a sexual assault that no one was aware had happened. She now has a future, and she wants to be part of it.