Dose of Nature

  • Dose of Nature delivers ‘nature prescriptions’ for people struggling with a wide range of mental health difficulties

  • Hundreds of research studies have demonstrated that spending time in the natural environment improves mental health

  • People undergo a comprehensive assessment by an experienced psychologist and then matched with a trained Dose of Nature volunteer

  • 8 week 1-1 programme encourages YP to connect with nature and make lifestyle changes that will have a lasting impact on their mental wellbeing

  • Based in Richmond, it has plans to go to 3 other London boroughs and create new hubs outside London starting in Guildford

  • Majority of referrals from GPs and working with Integrated Care Boards and local councils to try and get secure statutory funding

  • Building the case for nature interventions to be included in NICE guidelines as an alternative to medication and traditional psychological interventions

  • Chimo is funding the appointment of a new psychologist to increase Dose of Nature’s reach from 60 YP to 150 per year


It really has changed my life and saved my life in so many ways. I will be thankful for that for the rest of it